Do you feel sluggish and lethargic?

Are your energy levels constantly flagging?

Are you struggling with your weight?

Tired of feeling self-conscious all the time?

Studies show that most women start three diets a year. Only one in three lose weight and just one in five felt better for their new regimes.

I can help you by looking not just at your diet, but at your relationship with food. Together we can find out what stops you from being your best self, and can work on the areas of your self-esteem and your eating habits. We can work together to build your confidence and improve your relationship with food, which would last through the rest of your life.

Hypnotherapy can help you enjoy food again, and not feel guilty or view food as a way of coping with stress and anxiety.

We’ll begin with detailed assessment of your relationship with food, levels of stress, habits, general health assessment, etc. This will be followed by setting out clear personal goals that are realistic and achievable, and a clear treatment plan.

First step in the treatment plan will always be keeping a food diary. You’ll become aware of your eating habits, of how much food actually passes our lips every day and how your feel, your emotions when you eat. Building on that we’ll introduce mindful eating where you start using your senses to get as much pleasure of food as you can. Food is there to provide you with nutrients, but also to give you a sensory stimulation (look, taste, smell, texture).

During hypnotherapy sessions, I use a lot of visualisation techniques and direct suggestions to embed new way of thinking about food. This could include literally ‘thinking yourself slim’ session when you imagine being your target weight and how it would change your life. Or we might work on alternative behavioural patens to prevent relapse, rehearse different scenarios while in hypnosis – how would you behave during a finger buffet with unlimited food, what you can do if you are presented with a large Birthday cake at a work party, etc. This will make new behaviours automatic and reduce risk of relapse. Relapse itself is not a problem, it’s more of an opportunity to learn about yourself and find out a way of handing situations differently.

During our sessions, we will work to assess what triggers overeating for you (worry, stress, comfort, anxiety, sadness) and design new healthy alternative behaviour and thinking patterns, using Cognitive Behavioural techniques to regain control and reinforce the changes through hypnosis.

Arina is a talented and skilful hypnotherapist with a deep understanding, and excellent delivery, of the techniques and processes involved. I found Arina to be enormously empathetic and compassionate when discussing the issues I wanted to address, and the sessions were tailored specifically to focus on my objectives. “

Hollie W., Cornwall 2021