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Stop smoking, end anxiety, turn insomnia into healthy sleep and enjoy a happier life with the help of Antarina Hypnotherapy. 

Change your life for the better with online hypnotherapy sessions across the UK and face-to-face treatments in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. 

I also help businesses solve the problem of stress and build up anxiety resilience.

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Stop smoking with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety

Hypnosis for insomnia treatment

Are you having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Get back to refreshing nights and happy days with the help of my specialist hypnosis for insomnia treatment. Find out what’s preventing you sleeping well and solve the problem in my hypnotherapy sleep clinics. 

Do stress and anxiety interfere with your life?

Find your happiness again and say goodbye to the anxiety and stress that are ruining your life. Hypnosis for anxiety and stress resilience can be an end to your problems.

Would you like to stop smoking for good?

Wondering how to stop smoking? Maybe you’ve quit but find it difficult to resist. Stop smoking with hypnosis to lose the urge and the irritation that comes with it, forever. 

Nothing working? Hypnosis can make the difference

If you feel like nothing will work, give us a try and find relief. Many of my patients find a solution with me after trying many different treatments for their issues.

Business stress and anxiety resilience coaching.

Combating stress and anxiety increases productivity as well as employee morale. Turn your business into a happy and productive organisation with the help of my courses and consultations combining hypnotherapy with CBT.

Anxiety Workshops for Business

Corporate Stress Resilience Coaching

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