Are you feeling scared and out of control post cancer diagnosis?

Would you benefit from support with side effects from your cancer treatment (insomnia, pain, nausea, fatigue, etc.)?

Do you suffer from anxiety after every scan or test?

I’d like to include a disclaimer here – hypnosis is not a replacement for a proper medical treatment. It can only help to alleviate some of the symptoms of cancer or side-effects of treatment.

Hypnotherapy is not a cure for cancer.

Hypnosis (and self-hypnosis) is a very effective and flexible way to aid in psychological adjustments that all cancer patients face: adjustment to the condition itself, to lifestyle and family changes, to dealing with treatments bringing anger, frustration, loss of control, fear, low self-esteem, guilt with it. The situation is tough on the patient as well as the family members and friends.

I’ll work with you to address all aspects of your cancer journey such us:

  • anxiety, fear, worry, stress caused by the diagnosis and treatment
  • various phobias that may be impacting your treatment plans (fear of needles, claustrophobia with scanners, etc.)
  • side effects of treatments including insomnia, nausea, taste and eating issues, hot flashes
  • pain management

We’ll work together to improve your quality of life, to bring about calmness and control instead of anxiety and depression.

All treatment is totally tailored to your specific needs, be that pre-, during or post-chemotherapy, operation or post treatment.

I found Arina to be enormously empathetic and compassionate when discussing the issues I wanted to address, and the sessions were tailored specifically to focus on my objectives. My experience with hypnotherapy is that it is an effective tool to support making the changes I wanted for my well-being.”

Hollie W., Cornwall Feb 2022