Feeling embarrassed by your habits?

Annoyed that you cannot stop by yourself?

Does you habit interfere with your life?

Habits are often defined as rituals or behaviours that we perform automatically, without giving them much thought on a regular basis, such as tying shoelaces or singing while having a shower (some of us do!). Some habits are useful and we need them but some are clearly bad for us – like smoking, nail biting or over-eating.

Bad habits normally start as a way of dealing with stress, to provide some comfort or relief from anxiety or to deal with boredom.

Bad habits can develop at any stage of your life, and the impact sometimes is very negative on the quality of life and self-esteem.

The good news is that Hypnotherapy is excellent at breaking bad habits and replacing them with positive alternative behaviour.

Sometime all you need is just one session to see the benefits.

Research shows that cognitive techniques that I use provide average reduction of 90% in frequency of the habit in just one week (Numm &Azrin, 1977).

Most common habits:

Nail biting

Hair pulling

Picking cuticles

Biting lips

Arina is a talented and skilful hypnotherapist with a deep understanding, and excellent delivery, of the techniques and processes involved. I found Arina to be enormously empathetic and compassionate when discussing the issues I wanted to address, and the sessions were tailored specifically to focus on my objectives. “

Hollie W., Cornwall 2021