Do you feel that weeding preparations are taking over your life?

Are you feeling exhausted by pressure of having to keep everyone happy?

Are you worried about giving a speech at a wedding in front of all the wedding guests?

The wedding industry post Covid lockdowns is booming.

The average cost of a wedding can be over £20,000. If you were paying so much for your big day, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy it?

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can help you to re-set your thinking, to start feeling positive about big day!

Planning and organising the wedding is stressful – choosing the right venue, the outfits, the menu, the entertainment etc etc etc. 1001 things to think about and manage. Couples not only want to look great for the photos but also to be able to relax and enjoy the day.

Or it may be the best man who is struggling with the speech and is panicking about talking in front of the crowd of people. Or is it the parents that need support keeping their emotions in check. Hypnotherapy can help with all these situations.

During our sessions I will teach you grounding and relaxation skills that will help you to stay in control of your feelings and enjoy your big day. We’ll work together to ensure that you feel confident and happy.

I’ll give you techniques that will allow you to approach life with self-assurance, to welcome change and to feel excited about your life.

Some common fears associated with weddings:

Confidence – being centre of attention

Looking terrible on the day – dress, hair, weight

Anxiety attacks

Fear of public speaking

Blushing, shaking hands, perspiring

Stress related disorders – IBS, migraines, skin rashes

Arina is a talented and skilful hypnotherapist with a deep understanding, and excellent delivery, of the techniques and processes involved. I found Arina to be enormously empathetic and compassionate when discussing the issues I wanted to address, and the sessions were tailored specifically to focus on my objectives. “

Hollie W., Cornwall 2021